24 Hour Marathon for “Doctors without Borders”

Craig has already been doing all kinds of cool thing at SAP for the SCN community, but now he’s taking another great step:

“So I have decided that on February 12, 2009 at 15:00pm CET (Central Europe) I will begin a new and crazy endeavor to host a 24 hour long Friday Morning Report in order to raise money for charity. Specifically the “Doctors without Borders”. My goal is to raise $500 for their cause and I hope that you will support me and them in making this happen. Many of my friends have inspired me to take on this challenge not to mention the entire SAP Community Network who managed to accumulate almost 4 million points in 2008 for which SAP has agreed to donate a sum of 200,000 € to the World Food Programme. I have no doubts this will be a difficult task, stressful leading up to it and most likely stressful during the course of the 24 hours but I will push on and I will make it!”

I’ll be there if I can- spread the word! Have to leave now – is on ;)

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