Twitter Updates for 2008-09-21

  • Off to another dancing event with my daughters #
  • Sending back my Jawbone – price $89, shipping $47 (which I won’t be getting back ;( ) #
  • Downloaded QuickPwn 2.1 #
  • Ipod Touch 16GB 2.1: Jailbroken (Man, THAT was FAST!) #
  • @yojibee thought you’d like it in reply to yojibee #
  • Getting used to the look of and through my new glasses #
  • @m When our daughter was 4 she cried when she saw a knight fall off the horse after he had been stabbed – took months to recover ;) in reply to m #
  • @annikrubens ich kann Dir da einen Kontakt vermitteln der das mal bei Daimler mitverfolgt hat in reply to annikrubens #

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