Nokia S60 and bluetooth car kits: FAIL

I have owned and used 20+ Nokia Symbian Series 60 phones, and the one thing that always kills me is how badly they work in conjunction with my car kit. In that time, I have also had the opportunity to use more than one car kit, and the results are equally disappointing.

  • Network display: some S60 phones will correctly show the network name, others will show the phone name instead. Some do show signal strength, other don’t
  • The worst thing: phone book handling. Most S60 phones will not sync the phone book at all, others will only sync one number per contact.

Looking at this, there is only one suggestion I have for Nokia: fire the guy who writes the bluetooth code. How can you explain that the behaviour with the same car kit is different with every S60 phone? Isn’t that supposed to be a standardized platform? How are you guys managing your code???

I recently read an official statement by Nokia where they say that the reason for this is that the phone book handling in non-SAP car kits depends on some non-standard bluetooth extensions, which is the reason why they will not support it.


How does that explain the difference in how S60 phones work? And why will EVERY Nokia S40 phone happily work with the car kits, supporting ALL phone book features?

Makes me furious – and then they claim leadership in the business phone market…

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