iPhone 3G order: cancelled

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. But let me explain:

T-Mobile took my order without being able to give the slightest indication of a delivery date. Meanwhile I have been trying to sell my 16 GB 1st Gen. iPhone on eBay, without success. Starting end of June, I’ve had 3 buyers bail out (more on that in a separate post – eBay is seriously broken for sellers), so that iPhone is still with me.

I also happen to use a Huawei E172 USB 3G modem with a Vodafone 3G flat rate data tariff. A quick call got a cheap twin SIM card, without any additional monthly cost. With that in my iPhone, I’m pretty close to what I would have gotten with the 3G iPhone, less 3G, GPS and the WiFi flat rate.

I recently tried the non-GPS Google maps, and I was positively surprised how good the location functionality is, it’s totally usable for what I need it (for in-car navigation and geocaching I have two Garmin GPS units – that’s more than enough GPS for me).

Regarding WiFi, I have recently joined FON, which should supply me with enough bandwidth on the go.

I also updated my iPhone to a jailbroken 2.0 firmware, so I’m pretty much sorted.

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