How not to solve the global food crisis

Of course polititians are entitled to their free (paid for by the people) lunches, but I’d also like them to be aware of their public image:

“Gordon Brown and his fellow world leaders have sparked outrage after it was disclosed they enjoyed a six-course lunch followed by an eight-course dinner at the G8 summit where the global food crisis tops the agenda.
[From G8 summit: Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks – Telegraph]

I agree with Jeff here, I guess that’s what a lot of people might say:

“I’ll say it again: I will start acting like there is a crisis when people who are telling me there is a crisis start acting like there is a crisis.

How the fuck can you eat 18 dishes over 8 courses and 5 different wines just for dinner… after having finished a six course lunch?”

Anshu’s comment also deserves a mention – this is about money, not about food. I hate it when the real issues get garbled through the press. What we really need is a TV station that calls things what they really are, people are being dumbed down a lot nowadays.

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