My wife’s car is 100% technically ok, yet we have not been able to use it for two days now. Even worse, we’ve had to have it towed into the garage.

How is that possible, you ask?

Our daughter (7) was playing with my wifes car keys, and they dropped to the floor. The key with the electronic door opener broke open; they put the battery back in and closed it again. The car refused to start.

I arrived home a few hours later, when my wife surprised me with the usual female error description: “the car does not work anymore. It’s got all the blinkenlights!”. A quick look into the manual told me that the immobilizer refused to let the car start.

In the garage they told us that a tiny piece of the key was missing – a 5mm RFID chip that talks to the immobilizer. We sent our daughter to search on the school yard, but you now all about germans and cleanlyness, right? This was one day ago, so there was no way we could find anything. You also can’t order just the RFID chip – you have to get a completely new key, which costs EUR 70 and takes two days, in which you can’t use the car (no, we do not have a second key, thank you for the suggestion).

This is when I fondly remember my first car which was perfectly able to take me verywhere I wanted without any electronics, except for the oversized car stereo that was worth more than the car itself.

Those were the days….

Maybe I should be happy – fuel is way too expensive, anyway (for the american readers: a gallon costs $9 over here, so will you please stop complaining and start buying smaller cars? Thank you.)

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