Ubuntu Gutsy: winecfg freeze due to 3D conflict

I’m spending another beautiful sunny afternoon in my wife’s primary school. The school bought a Windows based learning software (Oriolus) which we had previously successfully tested to run on WINE.

So, it’s install WINE on 15 PCs, configure, create the required “My Documents” folder, copy the server software over (for some strange reason running from an SMB share won’t work, and I can’t be bothered to investigate) and create links.

Worked beautifully, except for ONE PC which froze completely when I started winecfg. I updated the Ubuntu installation, but still no luck. It was also not due to the lockup with the ICE1724 sound chip.

In my case, using the VESA video driver instead of VIA solved my problems.

That kind of crap is no good for Linux desktop adoption, let me tell you…

Is there an easy solution for doing something like this from a central server instead of on each workstation? I looked at FAI, but it seemed overly complex. Any suggestions?

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