iPod Touch can’t keep time

I really REALLY like my 16 Gig iPod Touch, but I realized something strange lately: after syncing to iTunes, time and date of the iPod touch are being reset to a random value.

I’m not alone with that – this thread in the Apple support forum has nearly 50 replies on the issue.

FIX THAT, Apple, will ya…?


  1. I have the same problem.
    iPod Touch 16GB, FW 2.1

    Discovered it after upgrading to itunes 8.1.

    It happens when iTunes is running, and I connect the USB.
    It happens when the iPod is already connected to the usb, and iTunes starts up
    It doesn't happen on a Sun Workstation when I connect (the Sun can charge the iPod).
    It only ever happens with the combination of Windows and iTunes 8.1
    I have large masses of Apps, both Apple and Cydia.

  2. When you sync your iPod to your computer make sure your computers clock is set to the right time. I couldn't figure it out for a long time but then I realized it would reset it to the time that my computer was set at.

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