On Ewan’s Macworld judgement

My pal Ewan Spence is looking back at his Macworld predictions, and he’s not too impressed.

Let me add the fanboy perspective:

  1. Time Capsule: The big thing about this is that it works with Time Machine. Apple’s strength isn’t awesome innovation in hardware, but the combination of hardware and software. Time Capsule in conjunction with a PC would still be a hassle, but on a Mac, it’s just one more convenient thing.
  2. iPhone Touch upgrades: Yes, the phone manufacturers so far haven’t charged for that. From my own personal experience, what they also haven’t done is provided a convenient way to do updates, or added major functionality.
  3. iTunes Movie Rentals: Yes, DRM’d to death, and only in the US, but that’s how they started with music as well. And aren’t we happy they did that? Do you think without iTunes, we’d have gotten rid of DRM the way we have? All fanboyism aside, I think we have to thank Steve for tearing down a lot of walls, regardless whether you like Apple products or not.
  4. Apple TV: To me, that’s actually the biggest thing. The fact that it does not need to sync to a PC/Mac iTunes, and the beautiful Flickr integration are features that I really have been waiting for.
  5. MacBook Air: I’ll reserve my judgement on this one. To me, it’s a typical Version 1.0 product, which is always worth skipping with Apple.

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