Ripping MySpace songs to MP3

I recently dicovered my favourite artist Joe Jackson on MySpace, and I was even happier to find 4 tracks from his new album “Rain”, due to appear on shelfes end of January.

I’ll buy the album in any case, but I’d love to listen to those MySpace songs on my iPod in the meantime. The songs cannot be downloaded easily, previous programs or websites that facilitated that have been killed by MySpace.

But, just to make the usual point that DRM is useless: anything that goes through your speakers can be recorded.

Audacity to the rescue!

“There have been many times where I’ve come across a cool track only to be dismayed that it’s “owner” has disabled the download function and been forced to visit the page each time I wished to hear it. Well, no more will you or I be impeded by such DRM-esque limitations for here in this guide I will show you how to rip whatever tracks your heart desires and save them on your PC.”

Let it be said that I don’t condone piracy in any way – if you like the music, make sure the artist is compensated properly.

Very neat.

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