Burning MP3 CDs with iTunes

I wanted to burn an MP3 CD in iTunes today, but I need a folder hierarchy to properly manage the tracks in my car. So far I have been creating the folders manually, copying tracks off iTunes into the folders.

There seems to be a much easier way:

“You can create an MP3 CD that organizes songs into folders that represent an entire album. This allows you to duplicate the play order of an album on an audio CD, for example.
You can create an MP3 CD that organizes songs into folders for each artist, and subfolders for each artist’s albums.”

This program never ceases to amaze me.

Another neat thing I found out today: if you want to add album art to your MP3s, you need the album title. For individual MP3s, this is not always available. When you play the song, the MiniStore will probably know the song and propose other titles you might like. Click on the song title in the MiniStore, and it will lead you to an album that contains the song. Correct the ID3 tags with that album title, et voila – now you can download the album art from iTunes. Liking it a lot.

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