Wii Opera SDK released

The Wii comes with the Opera browser, which is great for watching Youtube videos on the TV screen.

I have always wondered why nobody created sites targeted at Wii users, like a video podcast player, for example.

I just found out about the Wii Opera SDK – maybe now we’ll see more Wii specific sites.

“Easily add useful functionality to your games and Web applications for the Wii’s Internet Channel.

* Wii Remote detection – Remote Demo, 2 Player Ship Demo
Receive status Wii Remote buttons, pointer coordinates, sensor bar distance, and Z-axis roll.
* 3D rotations – Cube Demo
Rotate polygons in 3D space then translate them to z-sorted 2D to add that extra dimension to graphics.
* Drawing effects – Ship Demo, Wall Demo, Floor Demo
Draw lines, circles, rectangles, tiles, texture-mapped walls, and more.
* Multiuser Communication
Allow multiple players/users to take part in the same of software.”


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