The Social Network Dance

It goes a bit like this:

– I see someone messaged on Twitter and follow on to his Twitter page
– I look at his blog and add it to Google Reader
– I add him to Twitter and send him a message
Jaiku pulls in my tweets
– He sees me and sends me a LinkedIn invitation
– I add him to LinkedIn, looking him up on Xing
– I add him to Xing
– He finds me on Facebook and adds me
– I add him, too
– After we exchange emails, I send him a Google Talk invitation
– We swap phone numbers, and through my Outlook Plaxo plugin he gets added to Plaxo
– His Plaxo Pulse updates arrive in my mailbox
– Oh look, he’s on MySpace, too!
– Niiice pictures – let’s add him as a Flickr contact
– I wonder what music he listens too – let’s hope he’s on
– I receive a Dopplr add in return

Now, suppose I get a new IM jabber ID – where do I start maintaining that…?

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