Nano nano…

Computer says it has been delivered… (thank god for nice neighbours).

Guess someone needs to leave work early today ;)



My new iPod Nano: PicturesPhoto by fkoehn

This is certainly the most beautiful iPod ever made. YOu won’t be able to appreciate this before you hold one in your hands.
The user interface is a lot better, CoverFlow is cute, videos are fast. I’m very very happy.

They even changed the interface of the sync part. Instead of the stupid “Do not disconnect”, we now get an animated icon:

My new iPod Nano: SyncingPhoto by fkoehn

My only complaint is the same one I had with the old Nano – the headphone jack on the bottom makes it next to impossible to remove the sync cable without removing the headphones first.
Oh, and I could have done without the shiny chrome back – black was just fine for me. Hope my Invisible Shield arrives fast!


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