AideRSS is a new online RSS aggregator that will try and sort your news by importance.

“AideRSS is an intelligent assistant, which continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff, creates a PostRankâ„¢, and delivers it to you. We do the grunt work of collecting information on every post, allowing you to focus on your agenda and stay on top of the news stream.”

AideRSS will pull in any OPML file and rate your subscribed feeds on a post level for their PostRank by looking at number of comments, Technorati links, diggs etc.

What I’m missing is how they also use my personal preference as a criteria; so far the top stories are mostly from digg, which is not too surprising.

AideRSS certainly does not mimic the way *I* read my blogs – they’d need to put that in to make it useful for me.

Judgement so far: nice idea. Let’s see how far they can take it.

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