SAP 2.0

I have been to Starship Enterprisey yesterday for an SDN Moderators meeting (I’m moderating the Netweaver Security Forum on SDN). I finally got to meet Craig Cmehil, having been in contact through emails, blogs, twitter etc. for about two years now.

It started with some great laughs and way too much fruit salad – imagine a room with 30 odd SAP geeks, mostly developers and other technical experts, having to call the maintenance man to get the projector working ;)

Sdn CraigPhoto by fkoehn

After the meeting, Craig introduced me to some SAP internal community sites (think wikis, blogs, social bookmarks) that will keep me busy for many hours.
I’m VERY excited by what I saw, and it’s a real pity I can’t blog about that ;)

I can’t wait to see some of that getting ready for customer exposure – cool stuff ahead, believe me. Proud to be part of that community.

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