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Last weekend, I started importing my Outlook contacts into LinkedIn and Facebook. My premier social software so far is XING, which has proven to deliver the best value for money. It is also the only portal that will let me see who looked at my profile.

Anyway, there are many friends who use LinkedIn, and Facebook is getting a lot more popular every day. I also use Twitter and Dopplr. Add del.icio.us, Flickr, plazer, and you have quite a lot of Web 2.0 apps to care for.

They all carry similar information:

  • My own contact and profile information
  • A list of people I know
  • Status updates (what do I do, where do I go)
  • and much more.

They all deliver information about my contacts back. Some do have RSS feeds, others require me to go to the web page. Managing all apps, let alone keeping them in sync, is next to impossible.

It would be nice to keep the stuff that’s identical (profile, list of friends) in one central place and synchronise it to the others. Unfortunately not all apps offer an API, they prefer to keep your data in a silo. After all, that’s part of their market value.

Recently, Facebook seems to have taken a similar approach. First they integrated Twitter, now upcoming.org. What will be next? I don’t know, but it seems they will definitely add others. That’s a very smart move.

Can’t wait to see what the response of the competition will look like. Still, it’s “pick your silo”. I’d much prefer having a social master data app that *I* can control, something like CardSpace on steroids.

Interesting times.

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