Google Apps: do you want a choice between free and premium accounts

After my move from GMail to Google Apps for Your Domain (GAFYD), I have a choice between standard (free) edition and premier edition. Premier edition costs $50 and gets you 10 gig storage and ad-free apps. Not bad, right?

No, not at all – but there’s a catch: you have to pay the $50 per user. I have 5 users on my domain, two of them are my 4 and 6 year old daughters (email forwarders to my account), and my mother and my wife will most likely never outgrow the free edition.

Either way, I’d have to pay $250 to get the one premium account I’d need. As this is far too expensive, Google gets no money at all. If I could upgrade only one account to premium, I’d be happy to pay the $50 immediately.

There’s a thread in Google Groups where people voice their opinion on this. Make your voice heard! Let’s tell Google what the users want.

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