Justin Currie: New album

Del Amitri fans rejoice: it seems that Justin Currie will be releasing a new album soon:

“On a sunny spring morning last Monday I printed out five copies of a page from a US recording contract that my manager, John had e-mailed to me the previous week. Each page had a long thin horizontal line at the bottom. I signed my name (an illegible scrawl that’s supposed to read, Justin R Currie) five times on the five separate pages and put them all into a large white envelope. I had a cup of coffee and walked the two blocks to my local post office. There I was served by a man who knows me as the singer of Del Amitri and with whom I have had many friendly conversations about my activities or lack of them. He was the man who franked the fifty or so jiffy bags containing my record “Rebound” that I sent out to various friends and acquaintances in the music business in the summer of 2005. He always commiserates me on my lack of progress, shakes his head in dismay and wishes me well. On Monday he asked how my epic and tortuous journey in search of a record deal was going and I smiled broadly at him and pointed at the white envelope. “That’s it in there. I just signed it today”.
He grinned very briefly and then set about his work, carefully re-writing the intended recipient’s address on an adhesive label before attaching it and stamping the upper right hand corner of the envelope with a machine. Then he handed back to me a ticket and receipt so that I could be sure that it would arrive where it was supposed to before one o’clock the following day.
I am a Ryko recording artist and my record will be called “What Is Love For”.”

Here’s more information on the release date. Go to Justin’s myspace page to listen to some of the new songs. One of the greatest songwriters of this day and age, if you ask me.

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