Thoughts on Outlook fields

Arne Hess ponders Outlook fields

“How about you? Are your business contacts, friend and family members are carrying more then one mobile phone only and how do you add more then one mobile phone number to your Outlook? Do you also think Outlook 2007+ should better have new fields since the fields above are not representing today’s world of communication anymore?”

That’s an excellent observation – otoh, it’s hard for Microsoft to change that (at least the getting rid of dated fields part), because there’s millions of people who might be using them.

*My* biggest gripe with that is the totally useless birthday mechanism. Yes, I can store a person’s birthday, but not the birthdays of their spouses and/or kids. The only way to do that is to enter appointments manually (which loses the link to the contact) or to create separate contacts for them (bad idea).

It would also be nice to have derived contacts – i.e. when I create a contact for somebody’s significant other, the address is likely to be identical. When I change the address, I would like to only do it in the master and have it propagate to the derived contacts as well (same is true for home phone etc.).

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