IT Security is like…

Inspired by a rough quote by a colleague, exact citation from

“When information security experts get on stage at industry conferences, one of their favorite analogies to trot out is that of sports car brakes. The question they’ll pose is: “What is the purpose of brakes on a sports car?” The obvious answer is “To stop the car,” but the real answer they are looking for is “To enable the car to safely go faster.”

Like brakes on a sports car, information security and security monitoring allow IT departments to employ cutting-edge technologies to make the business more successful—to “go faster”—while mitigating the risks of doing so.”

I like that approach. It’s an excellent analogy – we often struggle to get that point across with customers and are perceived as a burden on projects instead.

To make the point more obvious:

“There is apparently an academic named Gordon Tullock at George Mason University who insists that we would all drive much more safely if we attached a big spike to the steering wheel and point it directly at our chest.”

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