Google Reader for Wii

I have recently updated my Wii with their version of the Opera browser, and it’s actually quite usable. It plays Flash 7, so Google Video and Youtube have now entered my living room. Very nice indeed.

But wait, it’s getting better: seems like Google has released a version of Google Reader optmised for reading on the Wii:

“Because most standard television screens have lower resolutions than computer monitors, the interface features larger fonts and no sidebar with subscription listings. You bring up your list by pressing one and navigate your feeds with the up and down buttons.

Here’s the list of commands:

* Up and down scrolls up and down
* Right and left take you to the next and previous items
* The 1 button shows your subscription list in a transparent menu
* The 2 button show links to your Home, all items, starred items and shared items”

Give it a try: Google Reader for Wii

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