Web App Extravaganza

(Sorry for the short hiatus- madness at work after I was away for two weeks…)

I’m in the process of catching up on my feeds. Is it just me, or are useful web apps just popping up every other day now? Anyway, here’s what I found recently:

  • Geni lets you chart your family tree on the web. You can add email addresses to people you add, allowing them to work on their part of the tree. I haven’t found out yet what happens when I add somebody who has created his/her own tree already – will both trees be merged? If so, it would add a whole new dimension to the six degrees game…
  • Wiredness is an online image manipulation software (blog). This is definitely the best I’ve tested so far. Integrates with Flickr, amongst other goodies.
  • Cogmap is an online org chart software. Charts can be published, so everybody can see them. This wil be huge with recruiters pretty fast. LinkedIn/Xing/Plaxo integration anyone…?
  • ConvertIcon does what it says – converts .png to a .ico file
  • Toggl is an online time tracker to record your billable hours.

There’s some cool shit coming out now – what we really need is a common identity scheme for this; I’m sick of creating new accounts and passwords for each of those, even worse if I just register to test. Can we agree to use InfoCard, please?


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