Bye Bye Bay Area!

Amazing how fast two weeks went by. Highly productive time as well – thanks again, James!
I got to spend a few days in the bay area, the place I always dreamt of being when we were reading about all that Silicon Valley stuff back in the 80s, happily hacking away on our school’s Apple ][ computers.
I have to say, it was a bit more industrial than I had imagined it to be. But then again, all that stuff happened 20 to 30 years ago. Nethertheless, it was a great experience, and I throroughly enjoyed it. The lovely exchange rate dollar/euro also helped ;)
The 3 days I had to go see the area also happened to be the ones with the best weather during that time – check out my pictures.
So what’s the verdict – would I want to live there? Probably not, but that’s more saying that I enjoy being where I am right now than depreciating tha bay area. Oh, and I can totally get Bruce Springsteen’s 57 channels now.
I’ve got another hour to kill at the airport before I go back on my 16 hour flight to Frankfurt via Cincinnati. I’ll be back!

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