FINALLY! Move your GMail mails to Google Apps For Your Domain

And of course, it’s not an official Google solution, somebody hacked their way around Google’s limitations. John writes:

“I have found the way to get my GMail in my GAFYD!
Directly from my GMail into my GAFYD!

Do the following:
Go in GAFYD to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > Get mail from other accounts: Add
another mail account

Use the following settings:
Email address: [email address]
Username: [email address]
Password: ***
POP Server: Port: 995

[ ] Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server.
[X] Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.

If your GMail has a lot of mails, it can take a while before all your
e-mail have been loaded in GAFYD…
It is working with me, hope for all of you too! “

So far it’s working (16228 emails left…). The bad thing: it’s putting lots of stuff into my Spam folder (i.e. manual work), and it takes quite a time. I also expect labels etc. to get lost in the process.
Oh, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t have forwarding set up to send emails from your GAFYD account to your GMail account (like I had…), otherwise you’ll build yourself a mean mail loop.

What annoys me most is that there is still no official way to do this. Google seems to restrict that functionality by checking whether it’s a GMail account you’re trying to import, and using the IP address circumvents that. Cluetrain anyone?

Also, spam rules are lost, which means 2 years of my work telling Google which emails are spam. Great job, Google. NOT!


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