Nokia E61i unboxing

Roberto has posted a Flickr set of his Nokia E61i unboxing.

This saves me the effort – waiting for mine to arrive any minute. Many thanks again to Zoran from for being this fast (ordered it yesterday afternoon). If you want one, too, order it on and tell Zoran I sent you ;) (The price is EUR 409 + shipping, PayPal ok).

More details once it’s here.


  1. the problem I have is that when I try to read a message with my E61i, it shows a “General: System Error” messages and reboots. With the E61 it simply freezes.

    I cannot read any message, either sent or received, in the phone or memory card. However, when I insert my Finnish SIM card, I have no problems at all.

    Any idea of what could be the problem?

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