UPS lets you re-direct your packages on the web

Via downloadsquad:

But now the company has rolled out UPS Intercept, a service that lets you, well, intercept packages while they’re in transit.

Through the UPS Intercept page you can request:

* return to sender
* deliver to another address
* reschedule delivery
* have the package held at a UPS location for pickup

UPS will not explain to your wife why you just blew your savings on memory for your computer so that you could play Doom.

I wonder what took them so long, with the web (…) and mobiles/blackberries available for years.

Where I live, they usually arrive somewhere in the morning, when – well – nobody’s home (surprise!). So they either leave my package with someone I don’t know (well, also a way to make friends in the neighbourhood), or they drop a note (if they can be arsed, forgive my french) that I should call and apologize for not being home when they were there. When I call, they’ll tell me I’m calling outside office hours. When I call the next day, they’ll tell me they can’t do anything because the driver is already on the road. So they asm me if I want to pick up the package myself, some 100 km away from where I live, which makes the whole excercise rather pointless.

Apart from being annoying as hell for me, it’s incredibly expensive for the delivery service. Not only that, I’d imagine that loading and unloading parcels is where loss and fraud happens.

Now for the geeky part: why can’t I put something like a Semacode thingie on my post box, they snap it with their phone and I’m being alerted that they want to deliver something. If I’m really fast, I can contact the driver while he’s still in the area, and money and effort can be safed. If I’m too late, it’s still a convenient way to manage the process.

Put that into an integrated service that all parcel services can subscribe to (it’s not just a UPS issue…), and we can all be a bit happier.

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