Garmin StreetPilot C510: Enable Text-To-Speech

The Garmin StreetPilot C510 Deluxe is an excellent GPS car navigation system. Even better, Garmin seems to be selling it off in favor of the new “nüvi” series, so you can get one at roughly EUR 200.

One of the main differences to the more expensive C550 is the ability to speak the directions and street names, i.e. text-to-speech capability.

Though the Garmins are less hackable than, say, the TomTom devices, somebody has discovered a way to add text-to-speech to the C510. The basic procedure goes like this:

Download /Voice,BritishEnglish-Emily_TTS__140.exe, unzip the file
English_British_Emily_0140.rgn, cut the first 60 bytes using xvi32 , call the file
English_British_Emily.vpm, make a copy of that file called
000.NEW (again zero zero and copy both files to your unit into the folder Garmin/voice. Make a copy of
english_british_.sum in your Garmin/voice folder on your unit, call it
English_British_Emily.sum and disconnect the unit from your PC. Restart it et voilá.

Detailed instructions and download URLs can be found on Claudio Ehr’s site.

I tried it last night, and believe me – you won’t know how much of a difference this makes until you experienced it. Thanks, Claudio!


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