GAFYD: GMail mail fetcher still not working

Zoli says Google lets you fetch email from your GMail account to your Google Apps account now:

“Without much fanfare Gmail’s Mail Fetcher service now appears to be available on Google Apps for Domain accounts. Google also lifted the restriction of not allowing to fetch mail from other gmail accounts (although Help does not indicate it yet). “

Much to my dismay I can’t confirm that – the mail fetcher still gives me the old error message:

There was a problem connecting to
Show error details Server returned error: “You can’t fetch mail from Gmail accounts”

That is soooo annoying….

Something else I realized: GMail’s SPAM filter seems to rely on the settings you made for a certain account – I have WAY more SPAM in my Google Apps email account (which I haven’t been using a lot for lack of migration) than I have in my “old” GMail account.

The mail fetcher of course will not fix that – i.e. Google needs to do more than just let me POP my emails over, what about contacts, spam filter configuration, filters, chat invitations (do I have to re-send all those???), starred emails, labels etc.?

Still waiting for someone from Google to address that – how can they expect users to pay for their service and then start from scratch with all that?

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