Shame based DRM

Tim Marman reports on‘s DRM system (quote by TechCrunch):

“Instead of handcuffing viewers who want to view films they purchase on multiple devices and otherwise use content legitimately in ways DRM blocks – Streamburst takes two steps to prevent movie piracy.

The first is that every film begins with a 5 second display of the name of the person who purchased that copy, as it appears on their credit card. The second step is that Streamburst eliminates an undetectable but unique series of bits from each copy of a file downloaded. That idea is that the psychological barrier of being named will stop many people from illegally distributing the files and those whom it doesn’t stop can be identified by the unique series of bits stripped from whatever copies make it into illegal file sharing networks.”

Tim suggests:

“Shame may in fact be the best DRM we can come up with.”

I fully agree. I was happy to pay for the copy, I’d share it with friends, but I’d be very cautious as to whom I’m giving the file to, because I wouldn’t want it to end up in somebody’s file sharing folder by accident.

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