New version of Nokia PC Suite available

(Via Darla)

Nokia has released a new version of PC Suite, 6.82 Release 27.

There is a vague list of changes (look in Darla’s post if you’re interested), but no major functionality enhancements as far as I can see. I’m still waiting to see if they’re serious about mobile music – they’re shortage of A2DP capable devices and lack of support for their customers’ existing music collection continues to leave me doubtful. I couldn’t care less about their “Improved mobile music experience with Nokia Music Manager” – I’m hardly going to move my iTunes library to their crappy software to find out what exactly they’re trying to sell me here.

I’ll say it again: if you want to succeed in that game, give me integration into what I already have, i.e. iTunes and WMP. Anything else is a waste of your R&D budget.

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