Are you sure you want to switch to Google Apps Standard Edition?

“Your account will be downgraded and you will no longer have access to features from Google Apps Premier Edition

* Email storage will be downgraded to 2 GB per user account.
* Existing email archives will be stored by Google. Users exceeding their storage limit cannot send or receive new mail. Learn more
* Some advanced tools such as migration and API access will no longer be available.
* To resume your current service, you can always upgrade to the Premier Edition at anytime.

This change may take up to 30 minutes to take effect.”

I *am* sure.

Why? Because “tools such as migration” don’t exist.

But wait, it’s getting worse: of course I thought I could at least suck my GAFYD emails back into my trusty old Gmail account.



Google, you REALLY blew this. Fire that product manager dude, he totally borked the go-to-market plan.

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