Migrating to Google Apps For Your Domain

Ok, I did it.

I migrated my main domain (not this one) to GAFYD.

So far, it’s all fine, meaning that email arrives at the new account and the web redirects work.

The problem is migrating from my previous GMail account(s). There are some discussions about migration in Google Groups, but so far there is no real solution on the horizon.

These are the issues:

Email: It seems to be possible to pull in the inbox of your old GMail account via POP in the premier edition, but I’m not entirely sure how well that works. Actually, I have upgraded to premier (with the intention to cancel during the trial period) in order to check that. But there are already concerns that sent mail will not be carried over, nor will stars or labels.
HUGE issue with the POP method: my wife reads her emails in Thunderbird, but I would still like to see her old emails in the GAFYD account. If I pull them in via POP, will they all be re-downloaded into Thunderbird as new emails?

Observation on the new GAFYD email account: 5 emails, 12 SPAM after a few minutes. Also, one false positive. Not only are my contacts gone, but it seems the SPAM filter will have to be re-trained as well.

Web pages: The editor is nice enough (has that been public before?), but I can’t get it to go into “raw HTML” mode – it insists on forcing the bloody layout on me. Not nice.

Docs, Spreadsheets, Calendar: No migration there. either.

Google Reader: Not even mentioned amongst the apps, but OPML export should do the trick. Again, no labels, no stars. But I might just stick with the old account (will that work with the logon information stored in cookies??)

Overall, the lack of a decent migration strategy (Hey Google – people HAVE been using your stuff before!) is a serious problem. I sincerely hope Google tackles this one ASAP, this will be the biggest hurdle for adoption amongst their long-time users.

Do you have any ideas around migration? Let me know.

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