In search of the valley – DRM free

In search of the valley is the story of three friends’ personal journey into the psyche of Silicon Valley, when in September of 2004 they swapped London for California, spending one month visiting and talking to many of the valley’s heavyweights and biggest personalities.

They’re talking to people like Steve Wozniak, Tim O’Reilly, Marc Canter, Guy Kawasaki, Lee Felsenstein and lots of other valley heroes.

The film is available DRM free (high quality, portable e.g. iPod / PSP etc, and mobile phone) for $7,99 (EUR 5,99) from Downloading as we speak.

Here’s the trailer:

All of you complaining about DRM’ed movies: you talk the talk, now walk the walk.

Oh, here’s a nice piece:

“Please note that the video file is personalized with your name. Be careful to keep the video file away from your Internet file-sharing applications as if the video file is found on file-sharing networks it can be traced back to your credit card.”



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