Privacy…What does it mean to you?

(Found through James Governor)

Terry Sigle from Sun asks:

“I need your help! What does privacy mean to you?

I’m putting together an article that looks at the technical and social issues around privacy. Not just electronic privacy or privacy on the Internet. In fact, I don’t want to taint your definition of the word by writing too much about it here.

Now, I need your help, but better yet, I need the help from your kids, you parents, your friends, your non-Internet savvy acquaintances. If you could have them jot down their definition of privacy into an email or as a comment to this blog, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

That is a great approach – this discussion has been led by ‘security experts’ for far too long, and my impression is we’re beginning to lose sight of the real value of privacy.

Looking at the Bush wiretapping issues or the recent ideas in germany to install spyware on everybody’s PC, it seems we should surrender privacy for the greater good of fighting terrorism. Leaving alone for the moment that this is total bull, it’s a good idea to widen the discussion.

What are your personal thoughts on privacy? What do you have to hide? ;)

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