Forget the iPhone

That’s right – the revolution that happened last night has nothing to do with telephony.

It’s the fact that Apple managed to get MacOS X to run on a tiny consumer device. Much better battery life than a Notebook, more useful and connected than a PDA, and a better UI than any of them.

It’s the start of Apple’s transition to a consumer electronics company. Calling them the new Sony wouldn’t do them justice – they’re much better already.

The phone itself has lots of drawbacks – it’s too shiny, too pretty to be used as an everyday phone. I loathe touchscreen phones (imagine what it will look like after a week..), you’ll have to hide the shinyness behind screen protectors and a bag to preserve them (travesty!). No 3G, no installing of apps (although I bet this one will change eventually).

I wonder what their next device will be like – portable video editing? Mobile iTunes? A universal remote?

The only question that remains: what happens with the Linksys trademark?

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