Wil Wheaton doesn’t like security theater

(But then again – who does). I also learned through his post that there’s now a Wikipedia entry on security theater.

But to get to the point:

“I ran into this idiotic bullshit when I flew up to San Francisco last week, when my deadly, deadly toothpaste was taken away from me, because it was “way bigger” than the three ounces our government protectors arbitrarily-designated as safe. (For those of you scoring at home, “way bigger” is .2 ounces) I didn’t mention that my relatively expensive (to its size) Crew hair goop was also taken away from me, because it was 3.4 ounces, even when I opened it up and showed them that it was less than 1/2 full, and therefore well under the deadly 3 ounce threshold.
I swear to god, if I hear one more fucking person tell me that I have to take off my shoes or give up some more privacy, or fall to my knees and worship George Bush so we don’t have “another 9/11″ I’m going to put three ounces of my foot right in their ass. Stop. Treating. Us. Like. Children.
O RLY? You mean, even though chemists said that the deadly toothpaste plot wouldn’t work, the DHS ignored them and went ahead with a bunch of bullshit propaganda (that had nothing to do with the election, I’m sure) and TSA security theater? Wow. What a shock. I hope someone increased the DHS budget so they can spend another $81,000 of taxpayer money on plaques in some stupid bullshit awards ceremony! Heckuva job, people. Heckuva job.”

Can you tell he’s pissed…? ;)

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