VOIP phone booths

Now there’s a cool idea: a german company set up a phone booth on their premises that is equipped with a VOIP phone and lets anybody make free phone calls to landlines in germany. There are also reports of other VOIP phone booths in germany.

VOIP phone booth

Imagine how popular this would be in a location with kids around ;)

But it’s certainly an idea that could be expanded upon. Basically, it’s another cut into your typical Telco, who used to put up phone booths. With more mobile phones than inhabitants, as recent statistics for germany are showing, this is certainly not a big business anymore.

But now, basically any business in town can set up a phone booth and let people make free calls, possibly starting with a short promotional message. Booths could also be placed where people have time to waste – bus stations, train stations, doctors, hospitals…

What do you think – does this have any potential?

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