Panasonic SA-HT335 (codefree) firmware

I own a Panasonic SA-HT335 dts 5:1 DVD receiver. I never liked it very much, mainly because it didn’t allow me to play my (legally bought) region 1 DVDs. Most of the other players I owned were able to do this.

Since this weekend I have developed new fondness for the player:

  • I discovered a web page with an alternative firmware which allows me to switch to any region code, disable “user operation prohibited” and do some other neat stuff.
  • I also found out that it will play about any AVI files I throw at it – VERY NICE, no more MVCD/RSVCD burning required

It never ceases to amaze me how much energy people put into developing firmware alternatives. No less amazement to why manufacturers don’t support this officially and/or promote those firmwares, or incorporate features into the stock players.

User feedback at its best. No marketing money can buy that.


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