The RojasCalacanisWinerPod

I love how this idea is evolving: Jason Calacanis is talking about using Peter Rojas’ (of Engadget fame) experience to create a better iPod.

Now things are starting to get serious:

“A week ago I made a list of things I’m thinking about doing next with my life. Everything from playing poker to starting a video version of Weblogs, Inc. On the list I added a throw away joke about making a better iPod with Peter Rojas (the famous editor of Engadget).

Peter responded to it (and did a followup), and then Dave Winer (the genius behind RSS and OPML) chimed in. Now Michael Gartenberg from Jupiter has chimed in, and what was a fantasy has now turned into a feasibility study.

Peter is meeting with Dave, and I just had dinner with Peter. Maybe the Rojas player (or the RWC player) could happen. Maybe we can do a short run and pre-sell the first 1,000 signature players–all of them autographed by Peter Rojas himself. I’m will to put the money up for the first run if Dave Winer will match me.”

I love the idea. Especially, if this is trying to be a podcasting device instead of an iPod killer, file management may happen 100% without a PC, getting rid of all the synchronisation hassles. It could even sync stuff from GMail or GCal (hey, it has RSS support already).

Can’t wait to see where this goes. I’d buy one, just to be a part of it.

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