Beatles iPod on the horizon?

Nearly two years ago I was blogging about a Beatles iPod, in the same fashion that Apple offers a U2 iPod.

Now things seem to get moving: Macworld UK reports that there may be an exclusive deal underway:

“The Beatles and Apple may soon reveal an exclusive deal under which music from the ‘Fab Four’ will be sold through iTunes, a report claims.
In an echo of the entente cordiale between Apple boss Steve Jobs and U2 front-man Bono, Fortune also claims that a new special edition Beatles iPod may also be released.

Despite years of legal wrangling between Apple Computer and The Beatles’ company Apple Corps, both sides are understood to be pragmatic at the opportunity.

Founder Beatle Paul McCartney is known to have handed out iPods as gifts to his cast and crew at the end of his recent world tour.”

Now, wouldn’t that be a wonderful christmas present for that special someone?

About time Apple Records arrives in the 21st century. If it takes them any longer, any Beatles fan will already have ripped his CD collection, or will be too deaf to enjoy iPods.

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