Universal wants money from each iPod sold

Isn’t it amazing what these idiots think they can do?

“Universal believes that much of the music on portable players is illegal, and the company argues that it deserves a share of the profits from such devices in order to make up for the money lost in album sales. Microsoft’s decision to cut a deal seems to have been driven by its need to launch with a large music store for the Zune—and Universal is one of the biggest players in the game. The Microsoft deal will clearly set a precedent for other music labels, who will no doubt try to squeeze cash from both Microsoft and Apple in the coming years.
It’s nice to dream about the possibilities, but the reality is that the music labels now want both things. They want a levy on each player sold, but still want the long arm of US law to reach out and pluck thousands of dollars from file-swappers’ pockets.”

I don’t know what to say. What if we just stop buying their stuff once and for all? Got to the podsafe music network, myspace or other sites and get some fresh stuff. Who wants to pay for all these american idol wannabes anyway?

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