Today I’m in the garage, next week I’m on Techcrunch?

When I drove off to my client this morning, I got as far as 1 km when my car decided to tell me there was something wrong in the exhaust system and no, it would not drive anywhere faster than 50 km per hour now.

I decided to drive to the garage to have it checked. Let me tell you, it’s never a good sign when the mechanic says: “I need to check back with the manufacturer”. OK then, service was due anyway, so I decided to leave the car with them for the day and work from home (thank god for having an understanding client…).

The people in the garage were nice enough to drive me home. After they dropped me off it occured to me that it would have been a good idea to take my keys from the car…. My wife was at work, and the neighbour with the backup key wasn’t home.

Lucky enough, the garage door was unlocked, and the garage has power and WiFi coverage, thanks to my trusty Linksys WRT54G. I worked there for a bit and was just about to ignite the gas grill to generate some heat when my neighbour came back from kindergarden.

I guess the new startup has to wait…

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