iPhone finally for real…?

I have written about Apple’s to be expected iPhone many times, and so have hundreds of other blogs. Now, November 2006, it seems it is for real after al”l. Blackfriars’ Inc. reports:

Bloomberg.com reports today that Apple has signed with contract manufacturer Hon Hai to make 12 million iPhones next year. Given that this is a product untested in the market, if this is true, it would certainly demonstrate how serious Apple is in attacking the phone market.”

Even better, it seems they’re not going the way of the Treo and are aiming for the worldwide market immediately by not going for a release with a US mobile operator, but offering the phone non-branded and SIM free. It seems Apple’s experience with global roll-outs is paying off.

Now the usual rumors may start:

  • Will it include iPod functionality, and if so, to what extent? Given the size of the 2G iPod nano, I’d say 8 gig flash should not be a problem
  • Will it include wireless connectivity, or 3G mobile data? It may be a smart move to address the Zune’s shortcomings and really expand on wireless music sharing. Apple’s got the technology to do that. Example: if you’re sharing a song you bought from the iTunes music store, you might have the option to send an iTunes store coupon with it, so that the receiver gets his own licensed copy, or the song is restricted to 30 seconds and send you to ITMS where you can buy the full version
  • Keyboard or not? While I’m a sucker for full keyboards, Apple’s history of simplicity basically makes this a no-no

What’s your take – any other good ideas, given the information we have now?


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