HP ink costs more than human blood

Now, we all knew that already, didn’t we. Ain’t that the reason why I’m so happy with my el cheapo Samsung ML-1610 GDI printer (less than EUR 100), which also works with a Mac?

Gizmodo has a nice graph comparing the price for HP ink with several other fluids:

“Gizmodo reader/potential vampire Shaun just popped this interesting graph in our email this morning, comparing the price of HP ink to other various fluids, some bodily in nature. He calculates that a $30 HP #45 black ink cartridge gives you 42ml, pricing out to $0.71/ml. Meanwhile, blood apparently costs $200 for 500ml from the Red Cross, pricing out to $0.40/ml.”

amazing how they get away with this. Most of the time it’s actually cheaper to buy a new printer *with* ink cartridges (ok, so they may not be as full as new ones) than buying the cartridges.


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