BenQ, Siemens Mobile’s executioner

It’s an outrage.

I have to agree with Spiegel online (german) on this one: Siemens sold their mobile division to BenQ so that they didn’t have to deal with the bad press of firing thousands of employees themselves.

I mean, why else did they sweeten the deal with 250 million? Siemens CEO Kleinfeld promised numbers he couldn’t deliver, so in order to get his bonus he had to cut costs. We need to find a way to honor long term stability and stop looking at the next quarter, or the hired gun’s 4 year plan to make sure he’s right on track, whether or not that’s good for the company.

I’m ranting? You bet I am! Siemens used to be the clear #2 to Nokia, with excellent phones which topped Nokia’s offerings in stability and standards support every time. You need to have bad management to go from there to insolvency. And the only german company in the space, too.

Sucks. Big time. Knowing some employees there who will not get presents for christmas this year sucks even more. Hope the unions manage to squeeze some money out of BenQ for the employees. Wankers.


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