Religion and politics

Scott Adams is on a roll here:

“”Have you ever noticed that the heads of state that oppose the United States are always crazy?

Take the Iranian President Ahmadinejad for example. He believes 9/11 might have been orchestrated by the U.S. government. That makes him either certifiable crazy or possibly French.

Ahmadinajad also believes that if he dies a martyr he will go to paradise and have lots of virgins. We know that’s crazy because President Bush is NOT crazy and President Bush knows that when the rapture happens our fillings and corrective lenses and earrings will fall on the ground and our physical bodies will rise up to heaven to live forever. Once in heaven, according to a poll I saw recently, 60% of Americans believe they will be issued harps. No joke. Actual harps. I don’t know if crazy Iranian Presidents get harps, but I’m thinking not, since not even an angel wants to hear a crazy guy play the harp.”

Only a cartoon writer can get away with stuff like that (and it’s only one of many articles on the subject). If anything, it teaches us that politics and religion don’t go together well. If only we were smart enough to admit that.

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