adds social networking feature

Hey, and I just told Matthew a few days ago I’d like to have a feature like this:

“When a fellow Yahoo suggested that I put a network badge on my blog, I groaned to myself again. I don’t “do” JavaScript badges on my site (for a number of reasons that I may write about later). If you look closely, you won’t find any. (AdSense doesn’t count!) But that forced me to look into this “network” though enough to put an “add me to your network” link under my linkblog in the sidebar.

I’m not sure if anyone even noticed it, but I’ve somehow managed to attract about 100 “fans” on That’s cool and all, but what I’m really digging is that people in my network are staring to tag things for:jzawodn. That means the links show up on my my “links for you” page.”

Way cool. Use the badge in my sidebar to add me to your network.

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