Bad week for DRM: myTunes – iTunes DRM stripper

Now this week will be remembered in the IT security history books: first WindowsMedia DRM goes down the drain, now it’s iTunes: The Hymn Project announces a Python based method to strip DRM from Apple’s music files, and a few days later there is a Windows app to do that.

Wouldn’t this be a good time to agree that DRM was a stupid idea from the beginning, and stop screwing paying customers? I mean, we all know people don’t strip DRM from files to spread them on file sharing networks – they’re all on there way before you cracked the DRM. They do it so they can properly use the stuff they own and paid money for.

Why is it so hard to get that? DRM won’t ever stop piracy, nor has it so far. Or can you tell me ONE song that was issued on a DRMed medium and is now NOT available in plain MP3 form? I rest my case.


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