FairUse4WM – Oops, there goes the DRM

Engadget reports that there’s an app called FairUse4WM which will basically strip the DRM from any Windows Media DRM 10 or 11 file.

So much for Microsoft’s media platform, iPod killers and other stupid ideas like that. Get a grip – DRM won’t work. Ever.

At least you can finally say the music you downloaded from Napster Plays4Sure ;)

UPDATE 2006-09-07: Bruce Schneier chimes in:

“That was Saturday. Any guess on how long it will take Microsoft to patch Media Player once again? And then how long before the FairUse4WM people update their own software?

Certainly much less time than it will take Microsoft and the recording industry to realize they’re playing a losing game, and that trying to make digital files uncopyable is like trying to make water not wet.”


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